Self portrait of a Young Warren made with Seed Packets

Self portrait of a Young Warren made with Seed Packets

Warren was born to a family of hardworking garment workers in NYC in 1946. He first came to Philadelphia in the mid 1960’s to complete a degree in Film and photography at the Philadelphia College of Art. After this he works in Europe, NYC and Philadelphia as a performance artist as well as stints as a filmmaker and scenery artist. In the 1972 he begins a life long collaborative relationship with Julia and Isiah Zagar of Philly’s own “Magic Gardens” fame, as well as performing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Woo World Players In “Futurism and the International Avant Guard.”

In the 1980’s Warren travels to Berlin, Germany and sets up a studio at the Berlin Wall. During this time he paints series “Sink or Swim.”  and Exhibits at the Moritz Platz Gallery. He then moves back to NYC where he establishes a storefront studio in the Lower East Side and creates the Theatre of Relativity with writer-director John Musall. During his time in NYC Warren began collecting the materials and objects he made his art with rather than fabricating them.

In the 1990’s Philadelphia called Warren home. Here he continued to develop his work on found object light sculptures. By 2002 he founds Bahdeebahdu (pronounced “ba-DEE-ba-DOO”) with designer and creative RJ Thornburg. Bahdeebahdu is a working studio and gallery of Warren and RJ’s work.

Warren is best known for his lighted sculptures created by assembling found objects and carefully crafted lighting elements. Everyday objects from glassware, tools, brooms, industrial equipment crates, toys, taxidermy and even a prosthetic leg or two are transformed from their original purpose into an explosion of light color and texture.

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