Family moves to suburbs in Yonkers, New York. First workshop created out of garage. Warren begins his collection of things that he deconstructs to see how they are put together. Assembles first debris sculpture which young Muller didn’t consider ‘completed’ until rain the rains came and flash floods transformed them into their final form. First experiments with performance art using the unclaimed clothes from the racks at the dry cleaning store.


Attends Hartford Art School and studies painting and sculpture. Travels to Greece and attends Aegean School of Fine Art while living on the isle of Paros. Returns to the United States and attends Philadelphia College of Art. Receives BFA in film and photography. Works with Berlin Dancers Manfred Fischbeck and Brigeta Herrmans, first as a documentary film maker, then as a backdrop artist and dancer.


Born in Royal Hospital, Bronx, New York, to Irving and Lillian Muller. Grows up in predominantly Eastern european neighborhood in the bronx with his grandmother, aunts, cousins, and sister. Grandfather owns an ornamental iron work factory, where warren has the opportunity to observe him at work. Parents buy a dry cleaning business in the Bronx.


Muller meets artists and community builders Julia and Isaiah Zagar, who inspire a life-long collaborative relationship. He joins Woo World Players as a performance artist. Both of Mullers parent’s die with in a year of each other. Preforms at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Woo World Players In “Futurisim and the International Avant Guard. Makes first road trip out West, spending a month in Aspen, Colorado where he performed. Buys a house in telluride, returning the following year for a two year stint. Preforms in Men’s Dance Festival with Lucas Hoving Dance Company in San Francisco. Meets Phillip Yenawine during his time in Colorado.


Performs in Gerhardt Knoedel’s exhibition “Inside Out.” Creates “Sacred Walnut” in collaboration with Karen Bamonte. Presents sculptural and performance works at Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia. Exhibits at Convergence Gallery, New York City.


Travels to Berlin, Germany. Sets up a studio at the Berlin Wall. Paints series “Sink or Swim.” Exhibits at Moritz Platz Gallery. Performs in East Berlin Oranionbar with Jac Carley and Ric Schachtebeck. Returns to New York to perform as guest artist in Sex and Dance with Melanie Stewart Dance at P.S. 122 in New York City


Moves to New York City, renting Lower East Side storefront studio. Creates Theatre of Relativity with writer-director John Musall.