Warren Muller

What elevates Warren's work from mere craftsmanship is his visionary outlook. Warren rearranges objects and incorporates an iconography of myths, fairy tales, and personal idiosyncrasies into his lit sculptures. There is a sense of joy and play in his art that is infectious. It triggers a ripple effect and consequently his fame has spread largely through word-of-mouth rather than the conventional media outlets. 


RJ Thornburg

As a creative person, RJ finds himself most often involved in multifaceted projects requiring a "magic touch". He sees every type of design endeavor as having a unique challenge deserving an innovative approach. He explores the unexpected and unanticipated while always maintaining excellence with a nod to humor. Whether the project is residential, corporate or a bespoke service, RJ's work is never boring or overly serious.



1522 N. American St

Philadelphia, PA 19122